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Im not even going to take u seriously unless you have a multron key

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the design IS what gets built (not your spec).if your spec is not built its your failure at engaging, communicating & understanding the job

There is nothing more sad to see than a frustrated, misunderstood designer. One common source of frustration is the “they didn’t build it like this” syndrome, which underlies the basic point I am trying to make in this post. That … Continue reading

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Alain de Botton explains why happiness will be more important than watching your salary over the year ahead – I like the idea of wealth being measured in terms of  life experiences, and the basic notion that the riches … Continue reading

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Agile Development Methodology and User Experience Design meet – an experience epiphany

To start, this is about my experience of an epiphany, and is an account of personal transformation. Its an attempt break this experience down – to capture and define each of the individual and relatively insignificant moments that in combination … Continue reading

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Sometime I think I get it, sometime I don’t….. It sucks banning your head against the “design” glass ceiling….. I’m not saying this site summarizes what I should know – its more that it summarizes a space I’m increasingly becoming … Continue reading

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