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Experience Design in an Agile context – Discussion with Martin Fowler

Apologies (Martin) for the blatant attempt at secondary brand association in the title, but i cant resist talking about a lunchtime chat I had with Martine Folwer (co-author of the Manifesto for Agile Software Development), Diana Adorno and Luke Stubbles … Continue reading

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Consulting Engagement Canvas

So what do you get when you combine the visual meeting methods and templates described within David Sibbet’s “Visual Meetings”, the simple and powerful communication model of the “Business Model Canvas”, and the considered approach to consulting engagement that i picked … Continue reading

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Prototypes are the delivery mechanism for communicating our design principals

From finding the right things to do…. to doing the right things… we attempt to define the principals of an <insert category> experience. As designers we need to keep our head in the clouds and our feet on the ground and fight the … Continue reading

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Blog Visualization

I am preparing for a series of upcoming talks and trying to get a grip on what i want to say, and what i have said in the past. Faced with a dense, messy and impenetrable data set (my own blog thoughts) i turned … Continue reading

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Tell a story…

Ben Green, a good friend once told me that in many ways Experience Design is about story telling. Its about describing convincing narratives about what “happy customers look like”. Crafting a future vision of people with plausible motivations, acting within a real world context, going … Continue reading

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