Alain de Botton explains why happiness will be more important than watching your salary over the year ahead – http://www.monocle.com/webprogrammes/The-Monocle-Weekly/Edition-01/

I like the idea of wealth being measured in terms of  life experiences, and the basic notion that the riches we seek during work lie far beyond the financial.

a ReFocusing of personal ambition – away the classic capitalist focus on financial returns – to one that measures success by recognizing that “there is no wealth but life” – wealth is best measured by counting the things that we imagine on out death bed, the things that really matter to us. a return to a set of values that prioritizes Personal relationships, Compassion, wisdom and engagement with our community other those normally associated with success in our society.

I wonder what i would have done if i understood this when i was in high school

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design thinker . experience designer . lo-fi sketcher . workshop facilitator . visual thinker . diagrammer . agile believer . multidisciplinary collaborator . build sequencer . incrementing and iterating . architecting information . presenting and pitching . master of design (its a degree, not a self assigned title) . dyslexic . misspell-er of many many many things....
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