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Mass escape onto the stage of life

I’m becoming obsessed with the idea that the internet, defined broadly as the experience of “connecting” via a browser is a total failure – or at best a clumsy infant. Its failure is best understood by trying to imagine “online” … Continue reading

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The attraction and distraction of chunky problems

The majority of the people I work with are expert problem solvers – and nothing gets a problem solver more excited than a chunky problem. I have to admit I probably fall into this category too… there is nothing I … Continue reading

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TP Mobile – the Multichannel Experience

This is a preview video i put together with alex explaining the multichannel vision for TradingPost. Youtube has crunched the video so the qualities not so great… but it will give you an idea of the UX design for this … Continue reading

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Our TradingPost card wall – why agile rocks

this is the card wall our team used in the development of the new TradingPost mobile site – you can check it out at Here is a list of reasons why it think this simple method of placing cards … Continue reading

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Architects of the Near Future quote from the post that captured my interest : “Architectural projects, by definition, entail the reimagination of how humans might inhabit the earth – how they organize themselves spatially and give shape to their everyday lives” Architecture defined simply … Continue reading

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Alain de Botton explains why happiness will be more important than watching your salary over the year ahead – I like the idea of wealth being measured in terms of  life experiences, and the basic notion that the riches … Continue reading

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