Sometime I think I get it, sometime I don’t…..
It sucks banning your head against the “design” glass ceiling….. I’m not saying this site summarizes what I should know – its more that it summarizes a space I’m increasingly becoming interested in but feel totally out of my depth in.
It sucks realizing your beginning to outgrow the limited boundaries and measures of success that “design” and the design community works within. Its not that I don’t like design, its more that I think I’m reframing my views on what is of value, and what matters – and unfortunately coming to the conclusion that visual design / interaction design / experience design etc just aren’t central to really driving change or being of value to “the business”, my social community or even to wider humanity.
It sucks that this change in perspective does not actually come with a change in skill set. Its not that I want new skills… I guess the challenge is to find a way to apply my existing strengths to a challenge and space that aligns with what I think really matters.

About Jason Furnell

design thinker . experience designer . lo-fi sketcher . workshop facilitator . visual thinker . diagrammer . agile believer . multidisciplinary collaborator . build sequencer . incrementing and iterating . architecting information . presenting and pitching . master of design (its a degree, not a self assigned title) . dyslexic . misspell-er of many many many things....
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