cityofsound: Architecture of Memory, Melbourne

cityofsound: Architecture of Memory, Melbourne

a virtual solution to a very real world issue. I particually like the ghost/memory feel to the approach.

Core 77 report:

“Jackson Clements Burrows Architects responded to the difficult and often costly heritage protection laws with a superimposed 1:1 scale photo of the original dwelling onto a glass facade. Exploring the notion of virtual memory, the tree in the background lines up perfectly with the photo when you stand in the right spot, the neighbors fence works from any angle like a renaissance portrait where the eyes follow you around the room and the unexpected choice glass actually helps to diminish the physical presence of the building reflecting the sky and surrounding street scape. The architects felt the existing run down weatherboard cottage held little heritage significance yet the local council defended its value. This ironic solution met the heritage controls requirements and makes a comment on the difficulties of the approval process.”


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