the game of life – now in colour

Cool Hunting: Leo Villareal

maths mimicking flocking, its a beautiful thing. set up the constraints and let her rip – Leo Villareal takes Game of life type visualizations and amps them up with colour



interesting in the sense that this is another approach to embodying the growth metaphor – not to “freeze” a growth in stone – but to mimic the dynamic behaviour of growth via maths, light and movement



About Jason Furnell

design thinker . experience designer . lo-fi sketcher . workshop facilitator . visual thinker . diagrammer . agile believer . multidisciplinary collaborator . build sequencer . incrementing and iterating . architecting information . presenting and pitching . master of design (its a degree, not a self assigned title) . dyslexic . misspell-er of many many many things....
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