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Graffiti Research Lab » L.A.S.E.R. Tag

Graffiti Research Lab » L.A.S.E.R. Tag this is the first video of the laser tag in full action – and yes – its real… so how do you join the GRL ?

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the game of life – now in colour

Cool Hunting: Leo Villareal maths mimicking flocking, its a beautiful thing. set up the constraints and let her rip – Leo Villareal takes Game of life type visualizations and amps them up with colour interesting in the sense that this … Continue reading

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dank dark corner

if you are ever looking for an eerie, industrial, post apocalyptic vision of life underground go to these guys are obsessed with dank dark corners, and capture the romantic aesthetic and huge scale of the machine age triumphs via … Continue reading

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BLDGBLOG: Structures of the death market

BLDGBLOG: Structures of the death market first let me say that BLDGBLOG rocks and i am a thieving midget, but since this is a visual scrapbook i feel ok straight up stealing Quoting the domus article at great length: The … Continue reading

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on site materials

ANDY GOLDSWORTHY – RIVERS AND TIDES: WORKING WITH TIME just a mental note to look to goldsworthy when thinking what “zero transport” material , ephemeral temporary architecture should be like

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Dreamy monsters

checked out PROOF: Contemporary Australian Printmaking out and fell in love with the work of  Milan Milojevic – digital collage of old woodcut prints depicting hybrid monsters. There are a few things i like the approach to monster making as … Continue reading

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Matthew Barney – Cremaster 3 at the Guggenheim

YouTube – Matthew Barney – Cremaster 3 following on from the last post, a section of the amazing cremaster series at the Guggenheim. This short piece gives you some impression of the space. I cant help but think his movement … Continue reading

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field of view, perception and scale – why i agree the guggenheim NY is a masterpiece

you go to uni, get told things are masterpieces, see the photos – and then sometimes wonder why you don’t get it. Well that was my reaction to the Guggenheim, one of Frank Lloyd Wrights “master” works. then i visited … Continue reading

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Kamon – Japanese Family Crests

Japanese Family Crest ive been a fan of these crest for a long time – its reflects the fact im lots in the 90’s and still wear (now daggy) shirts with japanize typography. I sware it was cool back then…

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why you should date me

CULTURE HOLE – Popculture Links and Articles geezzzz – im posting cute now – but its cute infographics so im not totally loosing face after seeing this preso i think most men should carry laptops in clubs and pitch their … Continue reading

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